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Eco Action


SYSMAC recognizes that preservation of global environment is one of human primary roles, has an awareness of the issues, always plans for the harmony with the environment and local communities in business activities, makes an effort for reduction in environmental load and promotes the business activities which contribute to  people-friendly and prosperous social developments.

  1. We comply with laws, regulations, and agreements in regards to the environment.
  2. We promote reduction of CO2, waste water, and waste material and resource saving activities in our production activities.
  3.  We pursue effective utilization of resources and work on thorough resource-saving and recycling.
  4. We work on reduction in detergent.
  5. We aggressively work on environment protection through business activities, products, services and on all stages.
  6. The green purchase is made aggressively.
  7. We make the environmental policy well-known to all employees, and every individual carries out it without exception.

July 15, 2010


President Takeshi Okamoto